OPPO AR Glasses

Augmented reality a technology that creates an interactive real-world experience were objects of the real-world are enhanced and digitalised by using Computer generated coded information. This technology involved multiple senses of human to develop a digital illusion around then. These senses include vision, audio, haptic somatosensory and olfactory. AR nowadaysContinue Reading

Amazon Echo is a brand that develops smart speakers under the supervision of Amazon, which was initially released in March 2014, especially for Amazon Prime members, along with its voice assistant Alexa. Echo is operated with the help of its Artificially Intelligence service Alexa, which turns on only when someoneContinue Reading


As there has been an evolution in every field, there has been a new revolution in the Electronics industry. Computers and Television have undergone a drastic change in its display. Earlier, the screen was made either in TFT particles or using a CRT. The TFT and CRT monitors provided fadedContinue Reading