Logitech Expands Ergonomic Accessory With New Split Ergo K860 Keyboard

New Split Ergo K860 Keyboard

Ergo K860 Keyboard – Logitech International S.A. is a Swiss manufacturer of computer peripherals and software multinational companies. It has its headquarters situated at Lausanne, Switzerland. It has its branches all over the world profoundly in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and many other continents.

Its main aim is to create a huge amount of personal computers and computer peripherals and various types of software. The company mainly develops and manufactures computer peripherals. Like Navigation for Computers, video communications and video blending,  music and smart home devices.

Ergo K860 Keyboard

All these mainly include devices like Keyboard, Mouse, tablet accessories, webcams, Bluetooth speakers, universal remotes and many more. Earlier it was founded at Apples, Vaud, which is in Switzerland. The company was founded in a joint collaboration of two eminent Stanford alumni. Named Danuel Borel and Pierluigi Zapacosta along with the help of an engineer named Giacomo Marini in the year 1981.

After that, it had slowly started spreading their wings all over the world. Through their products, it had started capturing the Electronics market, within a few years it had regained its popularity in the industry through its latest products.

It was successful in making their first Mouse which was developed in high technology, not the company. The specialty of the product was that it can move with natural human movements. At present, it is one of the leading producers of computer peripherals in the whole world.

New Split Ergo K860 Keyboard

Recently Logitech has been making up a highly advanced ergonomic series of the mouse for over many years. At present, it had announced that it is going to launch ergonomic series of keyboards named Ergo K860.

Logitech Expands New Ergo K860 Keyboard

Unlike another keyboard, a highly advanced type keyboard which helps in reducing muscle strain on wrists and forearms due to its curved design and place for keeping the wrists in rest. Unlike Logitech’s other keyboards, this particular product can only pair up with the ergonomic mouse.

It has the capability to reduce human pressure and stress in mind due to curved body design. Because of its design, it has the capability of looking high quality, professional keyboards than other normal keyboards.

The feature named wrist rest generally made of three kinds of material. They are high-density foams memory foam and the final later is made up of coated fabrics that could be easily cleaned with dust cleaner.

It has a hidden feature of emerging clips at the back of the keyboard. It helps the keyboard to lift up at a certain height so that we can keep our palm at rest and helps the user to work at a certain angle.

The keyboard can easily connect to a Mac and Windows PC either through a Bluetooth connection or an inbuilt USB dongle. It has the capacity to connect three individual devices at the same time.

The new keyboard has also the feature of supporting Logitech’s own Flow software. It helps the user to easily change between the multiple devices only if the user is using an ergonomic compatible mouse-like MX series.

The company says that its new keyboard has a battery life of up to two years. But it has two biggest flaws as it has ni rechargeable battery in it and moreover there is no backlight in between the keys.

Final Words

Due to its high cost, these two missing features could be really disappointing to the users which will spend a huge amount on buying this special features keyboard. The new keyboard will be available in the online market from this year very soon.

It has been estimated that this highly advanced keyboard will have a price range of nearly 150 dollars which is with its price.

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