Google’s Features Pushes People To Save Recipes And Products On Using API

Google's Features

Google’s Features has recently announced that the collections feature on Google will soon be upgraded. The collections feature allows the user to save their search results. It launched in the year 2018. Initially, it was used for organizing all the images online. Now, a user can save images, map locations, bookmarks, favorites, etc.

These assembled into groups called collections. Google will also provide suggestions to the user, based on their research. These can be suggested items that can be added to the collections group. The suggested items can be recipes, products other items based on the search history of the user.

Google’s Features

The Collections feature bears much resemblance to Pinterest. The only difference between the Collections features and Pinterest is that Collections enabled for Google’s web search only.

The need for the Collections feature was much required. The reason being that users often forget to save their search results. Then, to retrieve that particular search result they have to go through the complete search history. Which is a hectic process sometimes?

Even sometimes the search history also gets erased and the retrieval of particular information becomes difficult. So, to lessen the burden of users the Collections feature will be launched. Google firmly believes in Artificial Intelligence can be of great help in the process.

The AI smarts can help the user to build Collections for reference purposes. The AI smarts will begin preparing these collections themselves to help the users.

So, when the user will search anything on Google then the pages having similar information will be grouped together. The user can get results regarding anything like sports, cooking or hobbies, etc. When the grouped pages will load on the screen Google will prompt the user to save them.  The user can save the related information with the Collections feature.

People To Save Recipes And Products

For example, if the user wants to learn hip hop dance form then the pages containing information about nearby hip hop dance classes will load. Then the user will choose the classes as per their choice and save them in the Collections. The Collections will keep all the pages visited by the user, together.

Google's Features

Also, their suggestions prompted by Google based on the user’s recent searches. In this case, the suggestions will be regarding contemporary, freestyle, Classical, Western dance forms. The user can also easily name the title according to the information it contains.

Then once the information extracted or used then the user can remove the pages from Collections. The option to deselect the videos is also provided. The user can deselect the pages which are not relevant. Similarly, the user can create different Collections as per their search results. Once the collection created it viewed by visiting the Collection’s tab.

The Collections feature enabled by default on Google’s app and website. It can be disabled also. To do so, the user can visit the settings on Google. From there the user can simply turn off the Collections feature. It displayed on the home screen of Google’s homepage.

The new features focus on making Google more user-friendly. It will bind the user to the Search Engine more effectively so that they do not venture off to some other platforms. The user will be reluctant to leave Google once the problem of saving webpages will be sorted.

One of these platforms is Pinterest. On Pinterest, the user is able to save selected searched items like an item to purchase, on the pinboard. In this process, the users are bypassing Google to buy and search the items. Then the users can directly make a purchase from Pinterest itself. Therefore, Google’s Features help the platform to gain a user base.

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