Leaked Pentagon DNA Warns Military About The Risk Of DNA Kits

Pentagon DNA

Pentagon is a company that has been researching on DNA tests. Recently they released a memo by the Department of Defense. It confirmed by the Pentagon as the notice states that it warns the military from taking the direct risk of making DNA Kits.

The service of DNA tests has popularized among the public as through these tests. And the people can quickly check the genes related to their ancestry. And health of their family and many other issues. However, it said that these tests could be fatal to many people as it risks one’s life while taking the tests.

Pentagon DNA 

DNA tests, though popular among everybody, still not considered to be a legal test in all countries. Hospitals and clinics can only perform these tests only by the permission of doctors. Without a doctor’s consent, it considered being illegal, which has been declared by governments of many countries.

Recently, their news issued to all military members. According to the leaked note, it signed by the intelligence official. The military members who take the test directly have to face personal and operational risks. The leaked memo states that these genetic tests are unregulated. And could quickly reveal their secret and genetic information to the public. That can pose a threat to the lives of the military personnel. It could create a danger to them and ultimately could hamper their mission.

Pentagon DNA

DNA Kits

The leaked memo, however, doesn’t reveal how it posed as a threat to the military. The report points to the readers that the Government worried that those reports used to compromise its national security. Which is widespread all over the country.

If the Pentagon DNA data handed to any private companies, then the hackers can easily track these data and can send those secret data to the foreign governments. These governments may use the data to figure out those people and spy on them. As a result, it can pose a threat to the lives of military personnel and can be a threat to the country.

In a Journal, it said that the military officers don’t have any legal protection at the time of their employment and their genetic data, unlike the civilians.

Pentagon DNA Warns Military 

It may be possible that by undergoing a DNA test by their wish. A military member may put their career in a confusing situation based on which genes they have.

The Pentagon has refused to provide specific information about their personnel, which have saved the lives of the military officers. Many companies say that they keep their secrets to themselves and don’t reveal them without the permission of the personnel. Still, Pentagon would not take the risk of allowing such companies to keep the secret of military personnel.

Pentagon says that they can’t look over all the companies which offer DNA test services and ensure the securities of such companies. One of the companies has said that the sample provider can request them to toneestriu their DNA sample. They have high security, which restricts the customer information getting exposed to any outside sources.

A report from the New York Times said that the Pentagon does not restrict the military personnel from going for DNA tests. Still, to ensure their security and avoiding war-like conditions between nations. They recommend going for these DNA tests through a licensed medical harbor. The recommended medical clinics would keep these data secret and will work on the instructions given by that military personnel.

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