Mac Connects To Multiple Displays At A Time


As there has been an evolution in every field, there has been a new revolution in the Electronics industry. Computers and Television have undergone a drastic change in its display. Earlier, the screen was made either in TFT particles or using a CRT. The TFT and CRT monitors provided faded display. The images and the resolution was too low for the user to watch carefully. The CRT and TFT monitors had many disputes due to which it had undergone rapid change with the introduction of LCD screens followed by Plasma and LED screens. At present most of the computers and Television companies have started using OLED and LED displays.

It not only provides the user with a high-resolution display but also provides a clear view for watching videos without any hesitation. It us cost-effective as LED screens are durable and cannot be damaged easily. At present, companies like Sony, HP, Lenovo, ASUS, Dell have been successful in launching their latest and highly advanced display screens by which users can easily enjoy with better quality display.

Like other companies, Apple has been successful in providing Mac and Macbook users with their best quality display screens. Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company which has its headquarters in California. Their main aim is to provide the latest designs and develop computer software and sell consumer electronics worldwide.


It was founded by Steve Jobs partnering with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in the year 1976. It has been successful in making the latest devices over many decades. At present, it served the world with their advanced products named – iPhone,iPad,iPod, Mac, Macbook, iOS and many smart devices by which the electronics market have been remarkably grown and has made a vast exposure in this world.

The apple users have been successful in experiencing the best quality technology through the hands of the devices. At present, it is one of the largest tech companies all over the world after Amazon, Facebook, and Google.

Apple users can use many display screens by connecting in their Mac by which they can easily continue with their multiple tasks. An Apple Mac user can add up to two displays at a time, and for connectivity, you need an adapter and a video cable. After the connection has been made, you can use it as the extended screen or as video mirroring.

With the help of Thunderbolt ports, users can quickly join tek screens, and if there are Thunderbolt ports, then we can easily connect two monitors at a time and can easily carry on with their essential tasks.

Using the display as Extended Desktop 

You can easily configure your MAC by connecting the display in such a way that it can be used as a large desktop. Following steps to join are.-

  1. On your MAC, choose the Apple menu
  2. Pick the option Select Preferences
  3. Then click on the Display option.
  4. Then follow the instructions which are displayed on the screen for the complete setup

Using the display as Video Mirroring

The following steps for connectivity are as follows-

  1. At first, select the Apple Menu
  2. Select the option Select Preferences
  3. Then click on Display option
  4. Set both the displays to a particular resolution.
  5. Then click on Arrangement option
  6. At last, select Mirror Displays

In this way, you can use your display and experience the quality of the videos as an excellent idea. If someone uses more than two shows, then the user can easily use those displays both in Video mirroring as well as an Extended Desktop. In that case, steps are-

  • At first, select all the screens as Extended Display
  • Then for mirroring the displays, select the options key and drag the Display icon into another display icon, and it will be reflected easily.

So, Apple users can experience with a new innovative way of watching high-resolution movies and videos by connecting many displays. It ultimately adds a new landmark for the upcoming generation.

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