OPPO Newer Version With AR Glass Headset In 2020

OPPO AR Glasses

Augmented reality a technology that creates an interactive real-world experience were objects of the real-world are enhanced and digitalised by using Computer generated coded information. This technology involved multiple senses of human to develop a digital illusion around then. These senses include vision, audio, haptic somatosensory and olfactory.

AR nowadays had become available to commoners which most of us not aware. We all are using AR technology daily as our Snapchat filter or while  Playing AR games like Pokèmon Go.  There are other such apps and techniques which are using AR to create a virtual reality around us to give better experience.

Oppo AR Glass

Like recently  PepsiCo had even used this technology to prank ordinary people in London with an AR enable Bus Stop displays. This display creates an illusion for the travellers were shown a prowling tiger, metro crashing, alien attack etc.

OPPO AR Glasses

AR technology has multiple uses in today’s world in various fields. Augmented reality has also used for architectural, archaeological, medical education and gaming purposes. AR has been used to facilitate archaeological research and studies by helping the archaeologist to formulate possible site from external structures.

AR also facilitates in architecture by creating visual aid for visualising building projects. In this way, AR technology is contributing to different fields, and improve the experiences for creating a better world. Due to the increasing popularity of AR technology, various Company is planning to try their fortune by investing their money on AR technology-based projects.

In the past, OPPO known as Chinese Consumer electronics and mobile communication company whose headquarters are in Dongguan Guangdong.

OPPO Newer Version With AR Glass

The company known for its smartphones, Blue-ray player and other electronic devices. Recently in 2019, OPPO declared as top smartphone brand of China and has held the position of top 5 brands worldwide.

Recently on OPPO’s INNO DAY conference, the company has announced it a future project. That aims to extend their boundaries beyond smartphones. It can expect that 5G will be the primary focus of this project.

They have also announced that this project for developing AR glasses which expected to release during the first three months of 2020. With this announcement, OPPO has a new challenger for Microsoft’s HoloLens 2. OPPO these new projects reveal their found interest in the field of Augmented Reality.

OPPO’s AR glasses have become a close competition for Microsoft Hololens than Google lense. Though it doesn’t show much confidence even when the headset has been almost finished. And it is not very bulky like HoloLens and has the resemblance of the oversised ski mask.

Oppo Newer Version

The probes had Diffractive Waveguide Technology used for creating a virtual overlay object on top of the real environment. It had quite an impressive impact on the user. Another important fact that the software used in these AR glasses has no idea of the boundaries of the display of its projects. Leading to a truncated part at the top or bottom.

This glasses also has gesture-based controls OPPO which demonstrates an initial stage. Which has proven less convincing to the audience, as a result of lack of training with the system. The system is susceptible to the gestures, like how you move your hands and fingers.

To select an object, one has to stick your thumb up while ensuring that all other fingers are pointing back to you. The OPPO AR Glasses definitely will mark off a prototype device. But it is the seed for being a competitive product. Thus we can expect to see some high AR devices in 2020.

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