PS5 and Xbox Seems To Be More Expensive Consoles This Year

PS5 and Xbox

By November or December 2020, Playstation and Xbox, two of the leading gaming console companies, are going to launch their latest versions of the series. Playstation will launch its PS5 while the Xbox will begin its series X consoles. So, your next year, Christmas will be as enthralling as you can ever imagine it to be. But along with happiness, the new gaming consoles will bring, they will also take a hefty amount for possession.

Yes, the new PlayStation series console PS5 and Xbox Series X will be more expensive than their current versions. The Companies Sony and Microsoft, which are the owners of Playstation and Xbox brands, have not yet put their finger on a particular price range. Still, unofficial sources confirm that the price range will not be cheaper than the previous installments of both the brands, i.e., PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Daniel Ahmad, who is the Senior Analyst at the Niki Partners, elucidated the fact behind the increased price range, which is the fact that the technology, including the hardware. The software used in the manufacturing of the latest gaming consoles has a higher price rate than the ones that have been used in the previous gaming consoles.

PS5 and Xbox

According to Ahmad, the price of PS5 and Xbox cannot limit to $400 because of the expensive components installed in them. The rate of the parts only is very much more than $400.

Without a doubt, both the gaming consoles will exhibit custom Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) and Central Processing Unit (CPU) parts which will be, a manufactured product by ADM, GDDR 6 RAM and the solid-state drives (SSD) by NVMe the conglomerate of all these parts will make the consoles one of the powerful gaming consoles ever.

These parts will enable the PS5 and Xbox Series X gaming consoles to deliver a loading time of up to the limit of eight thousand for gaming, ray tracing, and skill games.

Being the expensive items they are, these consoles will be out of a budget call for many, and the companies will not accept the fact of lowering the price range; hence they will face loss in terms of selling the consoles.

During the initial time of the launch year of the previous installments of Playstation and Xbox, also they faced loss. But with the progression of time, the sales increased, and therefore the products became profitable for the companies after one year of their release.

The Senior Analyst of Niki Partners has also enlightened us with the approximate price ranges for the latest gaming consoles as well. According to Ahmad’s statement, the total amount of Bill of Manufacturing for the Xbox series consoles will be in the range of $460 to $520. Still, as already mentioned, the prices are not the actual one, but only the approximation by an analyst. The price may get changed with time.

Some sources close to the companies reveal that the rate of PS5 will be around $499, which is a fair share of money considering the facts revealed by Ahmad earlier. But the actual price is still due to be released by the Sony company itself. Although the company has claimed and promised its consumers that the gaming console will be made as affordable to the gamers as they can, but the company will also not put itself in the state of loss.

So, basically what we eventually can do is wait until and unless the companies themselves reveal the actual price for both the gaming consoles.

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