Things One Can Try With Your Amazon Echo Speaker

Amazon Echo is a brand that develops smart speakers under the supervision of Amazon, which was initially released in March 2014, especially for Amazon Prime members, along with its voice assistant Alexa. Echo is operated with the help of its Artificially Intelligence service Alexa, which turns on only when someone says, Alexa.  The user has the freedom to replace this wake-up word with  Amazon, Echo, or the Computer.

The Echo devices start working only when they are connected with their voice-controlled AI assistant service Alexa. This device has tons of features for its users, which includes plating music, creating playlist through analyzing the user choice, making daily routines, setting alarms and reminders, streaming podcasts and audiobooks, forecasting news and weather reports and other various information. It also controls all other smart devices when they are connected with it.

Amazon Echo

Amazon has many other functions which often surprise its user here are some of them

  • Making Phone Calls

This feature is one of the best you can use your Amazon Echo devices to make calls to other Echo in another house. It’s more like using landline back in the ’90s, you can leave a message like an answering machine, and to add the modern taste to this feature, one can block the unwanted

incoming calls if they want.

  • Activate Alexa Guard for Protection

Alexa  Guard is the latest feature introduced in Echo devices in the year 2018, which activates a particular alarming system that is super sensitive to sounds like breaking glass or smoke alarms. To start these features, one just says, ” Alexa, I am leaving,” it automatically starts. It’s a safety feature, and it sends you notifications on your whenever it detects some danger.

  • Act As A Controller Of Smart Home

Echo can operate your smart home devices like TV, lights, cooking appliances, and even door or windows on your command. One can link all these devices with Alexa, which gives access to operate these devices. So it can be said that Alexa act as an automatic home controller of all smart home appliances.

  • Create Next Level Musical Experience

The Echo speaker has gained its popularity because of its ability to hear voice across the room and do things smoothly and efficiently like setting reminders, alarms, etc. But the most favorite and popular feature is playing music. It can create personalized playlists for various occasions by analyzing your musical taste, thus provide you next-level musical experience.

  • Update Latest News and Other Information

With the help of the Echo speaker, we can quickly get updates of the surroundings and all the weather updates. The most important is the news reading. We can quickly get news updates from time to time, and by this, we can keep ourselves updated all the time about the current happening around the world. It also provided many current affairs which help to increase our vocabulary and keep ourselves technologically advanced.

  • Pay Bills and Donations

Now it has become easier to pay the bills through Amazon Pay and the bill management platforms Paymentus. We can get notifications of electricity bills and other payment bills. We can also provide donations in different charitable organizations and provide funds to them for their better lifestyle.

  • Checking our Email

With the help of Alexa, we can quickly check out emails that have been entered in the past 24 hours. We can even delete, reply, and mark some emails as necessary. We can set reminders so that we can get these notifications all the time. Alexa mainly works on Gmail,, Hotmail, and Yahoo.

  • Getting chat notifications and conversations with Alexa

We can get easy ways of limitations of the natural language. We can make a conversation with Alexa as it supports almost 10,000 languages at present. Amazon has introduced the feature of Follow Up On mode by which we can easily ask questions to Alexa and receive immediate answers from it.

  • Making Routine

With the help of  Alexa, we can set up timers and set reminders for getting the weather forecast, enable custom voice commands, enable adoption rates, and single voice command, and this is introduced as Routines. We can on all the smart devices like smart lights, smart electronics, smart TV, and all other smart devices which we can quickly start through feature Routine.

  • Defending the user’s privacy

We can easily secure our privacy as Amazon has been successful in launching many new features named Privacy Hub by which we can quickly delete recordings of different people within three months. As a whole, Alexa is one of the most innovative devices by which we can do almost all the works.

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