Unofficial Apple Archive Mission On Apple’s History Is On Death Door

Unofficial Apple Archive

The Unofficial Apple Archive has officially taken down. Now the user able to view the numerous advertisements of Apple. The Apple Archive contained more than 15000 advertisements by Apple. It also had various training videos saved internally. Also, there were many odds as well as ends, which were eye-opening for the users. But, now it all has been deleted.

Unofficial Apple Archive

Earlier this Friday, Sam Henri Gold received numerous notices from Apple’s lawyers. Sam is a curator who uploaded videos on Vimeo. The announcements were regarding the DMCA takedown of his uploaded videos.

The notifications were to inform him about the takedown that happened. The notifications read that all the videos deleted. There were numerous videos that he had uploaded on Vimeo.

In a conversation with The Verge, Sam said that he was surprised to receive so many e-mails from the Cupertino based company. He jokingly said that his wrist felt numb because of all the vibrations of his smartwatch notifications alert. He received about 700 or more notifications all at once.

The notifications received on his smartwatch. In a tweet, Sam writes that there are still 264 videos left on the Unofficial Apple Archive to date. These videos are available since the 25th of January. The consumers of Apple and fans of Sam can easily watch and enjoy these videos.

Also, many Apple print advertisements are vintage, present on his official website. But, all his fun videos deleted.

The takedown is justified in many ways. Like first of all, the videos did not belong to Sam. Apple-owned them. The second reason is that every company has a right to protect its intellectual property rights.

Apple’s History Is On Death Door

Therefore to protect its intellectual property rights, Apple took the crucial step, which was apt according to the situation. The third reason was that there was a rift between Apple and Sam ever since. Hence the result was Apple deleted his videos.

An issue regarding another Unofficial Apple Archive of Sam also dug out the year before.  But it was quite an old one. It was a video of when he was fifteen years of age. The video made three years back.

The video came to light because last year, Sam transferred it to a folder of Google Drive. Sam tried to put it up on YouTube. After that, he even tried to convert it into a torrent.

Although Sam Gold has not received notice from Apple directly or had any direct conversation about the matter with Apple, he is looking out for legal help.

Unofficial Apple Archive

He is seeking lawyers for tackling copyright issues. Along with it, he is consistently putting on more fun videos for the viewers. It shows his undying spirit and love for his work, which is fantastic and motivational too.

Gold says that he will love to be employed by Apple. He wants to create an archive for Apple but an official one. He says he would not deny an offer of working with Apple’s team of marketing.

Together they will create the official Apple Archive. Further adding to that, he talks about the history or old items related to Apple. He says that the preservation of public history is invaluable for its consumers. It is why it is one of the primary reasons for the users and researchers to support Apple wholeheartedly.

If the multibillion company fails to provide security and also to preserve public history, the users will eventually walk away from Apple. Hence, no matter what, they have to preserve their general history for future reference.

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