YouTube Mobile App Now Use Your Vpice To Search While Casting

YouTube mobile app

The biggest video streaming platform of the century, YouTube, has now come up with the all-new feature. Recently in a blog post by the Google-owned company, it has been claimed that there is going to be a whole set of updates for better functionality of the mobile app and convenience of the users. Television sets, gaming consoles will support these updates, and other devices used for video streaming and can be connected to YouTube. The iPhone and Android devices will also support the updates.

Now YouTube provides you the new spec of audio search. The feature allows the user to search for any video without being bothered to write the keywords. To watch videos on YouTube, the user just needs to hit the microphone icon on the search bar and then say whatever they want to watch.

The results matching the voice search will be shown in the form of a list. This feature can also be used when the user is casting the app on another device like a laptop, T.V., etc. The new features will also support the artificial intelligence voice assistant Alexa.

The new feature will be available on both iPhones as well as Android devices and also now the PS4 and PS4 Pro will be able to support the mobile app and can watch the video streaming app in High Dynamic Range imaging mode which will enhance the complete video streaming experience on bigger screens with more lively colors and contrast.

YouTube mobile app

Other new specs added to YouTube, the mobile app include a feature called ‘Who is Watching’ with the help of this feature the user can switch between the accounts that are linked to YouTube on a particular device that you are using at that moment to get the chance of experiencing more personalized video streaming mobile app. YouTube has also enrolled itself to be featured on devices like Amazon fire stick. More of the cast to device features available with YouTube is to be announced soon. The navigation panel is one of the many updates associated with YouTube’s new version.

Smart droid, a German website, has revealed some details regarding a new YouTube feature that is still undergoing some last-minute touch-ups. The unique feature of YouTube will turn the app into an authentic remote control that can be used while casting the app to other devices.

Presently YouTube only allows using the general functions while being cast to another device like the user can only play, pause, and increase/ decrease the volume of the device through YouTube. An updated version of controls will be seen in the new remote control feature of YouTube.

These updated versions include a control pad which will be feasible while browsing through different video thumbnails. The user will be able to have quick access to all the various captions. The viewer can also adjust the settings for enhancing the playback quality of a video. Once the new feature is added to YouTube, then the user will be allowed to have access to all the new options, which will be included in the update. The brand new options will be easily accessed by using the volume pad that can be seen on the side of the screen while YouTube is being cast to another device.

YouTube has also claimed to remove all videos permanently from streaming options, which in any manner, insult or harm the general public sentiments. This will be done under the ‘protected attributes’ section. The social media giant will also broaden its base in the field of policies concerning anti-harassment.

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